Riding the Blood Red Horse

Such vivid imagery in this post. It took my breath away. Just think, what could we accomplish if we really believed this. Instead we believe the lies, we believe the evil, we believe that impossible is true. Possibility can rise up if we but only change our vision.

Faith Living Now

I had a vision of riding a horse at breakneck speed as it galloped along the edge of a cliff without touching the ground. It was made from the blood of God and I was covered from head to toe in that blood which made holding my seat on his back very blood red horsetricky. I’d slip and slide and nearly fell off several times. But gradually I learned the rhythm and learned how to hold on so I could ride with this amazing horse as it flew into the future. On and on it went without end. When I asked Father God how long this would continue, he only said “Well, forever, or if you prefer, I will let you know if it will change”

I learned that this was a picture of how my life would be from here on out. And I can witness that it is true. Nothing about…

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About prairie girl

I am a retired social worker and small business owner. I have struggled through 25 years of health challenges. But God has been faithful in giving me the strength and resources that I need to carry on. I am continually learning and growing.
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