The Mystery of The Five Realms

Disrupting Culture

I would like to share with you a revelation the Lord has given me regarding the current layers that exist in the Church. I believe that by seeing the layers, we can also see where He is working to transform the Church into a more mature Bride of Christ. To do so, we will consider Christianity from the perspective of five realms. Every person on earth lives in one of these five realms, and inside each of these realms is a progression, because people are designed to move from one to the next through their lives.

  1. The World Realm

This is the starting point. Those who live in the world system are not believers. They do not know or walk with the Lord.

  1. The Church Realm

When people become believers in Jesus, they enter the Church realm. In the Church realm they learn fellowship, communion, baptism, and the basics of…

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