I’ve been going through a season of learning how to pray more effectively. God has been sending various resources my way: new friends, new ministries, new study bibles, new books. Honestly, I never knew there were so many different strategies to use in my prayer life.  I use to think “it’s just me talking to God.”  Well, it is, but its the WAY we talk to God. AND more importantly, it’s not just about ME.  Most of the time we talk to God, its ME, ME, ME. What I want, What I need, What I think is best, etc, etc. What about him? What about his desires not only for our lives, but also for our families, our homes, our territories?

Why? Why should we pray about his desires to be manifested? Doesn’t he already know what he wants? Of course. But the piece that we miss in our prayers is that there is an enemy out there that will do everything he can to thwart God’s plans. In fact, there’s a whole third dimension out there that we cannot see. That dimension is continually at war.  God’s messengers versus Satan’s messengers.  Constantly at work, constantly at war. Like any war, there are strategies at work on both sides. One side seeks to help us in God’s plan for our lives, families, neighborhoods, regions we live, countries around the world. The other side is out to defeat the attempts of God’s warriors to get their messages through to the intended destination. Prayer and the words we choose could be the filter that breaks through the strategies and opens the floodgates for God’s will to be manifested on earth.

How can we strategize more effectively?  Reading his word. Praying and listening for his voice. Really listening. Sometimes getting up in the still of the night and sitting and listening. Having questions for him to answer and just waiting for him to download information into us. Sometimes the answer is staring us in the face, sometimes it’s staring at us in his word. Sometimes he wakes us up to pray for others. Unknown to us, other people might be going through struggles we know nothing about. But our prayers can be that catalyst that breaks through the enemies walls and allows answers to pour down. We may never see the effect of our prayers. But we have to keep this in our minds: its not always about us. It’s about our service to others. What are we doing to make an impact in the spiritual world? Lets bring heaven to earth. Through prayer.

In one of my new Bibles (Spiritual Warfare Bible, NKJV, Charisma House, 2012) there is a quote from Cindy Trimm’s book: The Art of War for Spiritual Battle. (pgs 63-65) “It is only through prayer that you receive revelation that is particular to you as an individual. It is through prayer you receive the specific instructions and strategems to fight the battles in your part of the overall war for righteousness on the earth; it is through prayer that God gives a fresh word specific to your current situations and reveals to you where you are in his plan for your life. He can give you the intelligence you need to succeed. As God downloads to you the alliances, gatekeepers, and territorial spirits, you must consult with the Word of God in order to acquire the schematic and pattern that reveals the original plans and purposes of God, and then pray accordingly.

Father God: As we start this new season, this new biblical year on your calendar, download to us the strategies that we need to defeat the forces at work that are attempting to destroy our lives, our marriages, our families, our cities, our regions, provinces or states, and our countries. Help us to choose the words to speak our loud that will defeat the enemy before he is able to implement his plan. Help us to locate our “special forces team” on earth so that we can too mobilize our forces to carry out your plan for us and our areas of influence. Help us to be influential in all that we touch, speak and see. 

We pray especially for the countries of the earth as the principalities gather to align themselves strategically for the further battle. We thank you that once again you have proven your power over the state of Israel in allowing the re-election of your prophet Netanyahu. In this we see that once more you are giving the world more time to understand and receive your word. We continue to pray for the devastation in the country of Ukraine and ask that you strengthen the believers in that country and teach them how to pray to over the evil that is intent on gripping their country. Protect your people. Provide nets of safety. We pray for the slaughter of innocents and their families throughout the middle east. Dear God, we plead for safety for all those who have declared themselves to be your children. We celebrate the martyrs’ deaths even as we mourn their loss. For they stood by you and refused to deny you.  May we too learn from their example and stand up for you in our street corners and public squares and not be afraid of ridicule or death. 

NKJV Romans 8:38  For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come,39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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