The following prayer is a liturgical prayer composed by my dear friend, Rhonda Roman. An elder in her church, Rhonda is a deeply spiritual woman who has walked a long path of self-searching, and now dedicates herself in service to Jesus Christ.


Almighty & ever-living God, you are always more ready to hear than we are to pray, & you gladly give us more than we either desire or deserve. Pour upon us your abundant mercy. Forgive us those things that weigh on our conscience, and give us those good things that come only through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

We pray for your holy catholic church. Unite your people under the banner of Christ and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, give them boldness & persistence in working to fulfill your purposes throughout the world.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

Abba, we thank you that we can call you Father, and thank you that the veil has been ripped, that we can come into your presence, and that you, too, delight in us being in your presence. You longed for this during the years of darkness, and our souls long to be close to you – our one source of peace & joy. Help us to come before you often, in hope & humility.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

Try as we might to lead honourable lives – our will, our way, leads us nowhere. We remain lost, messed up, anxious, confused, lonely & frustrated, with broken hearts that ache for you. You created us to have free will. Let us choose your will, let your kingdom come & reign over us, today & for all tomorrows.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

God, you know our many needs – financial, material, health, vocational, emotional, & relationships. You’ve asked us to come before to ask you to provide for our needs. Forgive us when we fail to do this. Fill us with the trust that you will fulfill our needs when we ask you, knowing that what we need most is relation with you.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

In teaching us to pray, Jesus taught that forgiveness from God comes only as we are able to forgive others. Let us choose light over darkness. Come into our hearts & remove our hatred, resentment & bitterness toward others. Help each of us to let go of the grudges we cling to, and truly embrace love & forgiveness to those who have hurt us.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

We pray for this troubled world, foremost the Middle East – Syria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, & the Palestinian territories. Let freedom, security & justice unfold according to your plan. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We remember the flooding in Alberta & Toronto, and the train tragedies of Lac Magentic & Spain. Comfort all victims & help the rebuilding of these communities.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

Thank you for the beautiful summer sunshine & abundant rain. Renew our appreciation for the artists & musicians of this parish, and bless their gifts that broaden & deepen our praise & thanksgiving. We pray for our priest, Jamie & others in leadership roles – Larry, Jaylene, & Audrey. Bless the camp experiences at Pioneer Camp & the Plett homestead. We entrust in your loving care all who are anxious or distressed in mind or body, especially those we name before you…

For those named aloud, and in our hearts, and for those for whom we have forgotten to pray, bring comfort, healing & wholeness to each according to their need.

Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)

We remember loved ones who have departed, and we pray for all those who mourn their passing. Bring us at the last to the fullness of death & life in Christ, in your heavenly kingdom.


Lord, in your mercy… (Hear our prayer)


Into your hands, oh Lord, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in your mercy through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

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