Dear God

I’ve just gone through a very stressful week. I don’t cope well with a lot of people around me. I am so used to being alone. I’m not good at hospitality. I don’t like having my house messed up by other people. I guess I’m not very good at sharing. What made it worse is that the guests were very selfish and demanding, having no regard for our schedule or our lifestyles. The week was fraught with miscommunication and manipulation and I felt helpless as I watched everything disintegrate around me. I waited anxiously for the week to pass. After it was all over I collapsed with a flu virus. Not surprising, considering my immune system’s vulnerability to stress.

How could I have handled this differently under these circumstances?

I asked you and you pointed me to Romans 12:18. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone (NIV), then I read the rest of the chapter. Verses 9-19 are all about living in love. I don’t do that well.

My past life has resulted in scars that bleed distrust with everyone I meet. How can I love when I can’t trust? How do I know when I can trust someone? I don’t.

God I really need help in learning to trust and learning to show love even in the most difficult circumstances.

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