Today the pastor preached on the five languages of Love:

1. Words of encouragement

2. Acts of service

3. Gifts of Love

4. Quality Time

5. Physical touch and closeness

Dear God:

Please show me how I can be more loving. Where are my weaknesses? I think I have so many walls built up around me because of so much hurt over my lifetime. That makes it difficult to love. Doesn’t trust have to come before love? Or maybe I should just go through the motions of love and trust will follow? How is it supposed to work?

I John 4:18 says that perfect love casts out fear. Can I interpret that to mean if I just throw myself into love, that the walls of hurt and distrust will come tumbling down? But how do I know I won’t get hurt again? I don’t. But I have survived hurt before, and I will survive it again. The gift at the end of it all is that somewhere, somehow, love will be returned to me.

Matthew 7:11.12

The greatest teacher of all time gave us all the answers when he was here in physical form, and he continues to give us answers today. If only it was so easy to apply them to our life.

Dear God, please help me to appy these promises to my life.

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