It’s just me again, God

Its been a busy day. 

The older heavyset woman with long, dishevelled grey hair that was pulled back at the temples with bobby pins, greeted me at the hostess desk.

”  I’m looking for my friend”, I said, peering around the restaurant.

“You have friends?” she mocked.

Taken aback by her comment, I snapped my attention to her laughing face.  What an odd comment I thought. As I smiled back, I couldn’t think of anything to say, except to nod.

“Well, I don’t.”  She said, still smiling.  “Can I be your friend?”

My heartstrings tugged.  Just yesterday I was crying about being lonely.  Maybe this woman was lonely too.  I know that pain.  I wondered how long it had been since she had been hugged, been held, been loved.  I suddenly realized that the answer didn’t matter.  Every human being needs to be loved.  Every human being needs to be touched.

So I reached out and hugged her.  “Sure,” I said. “Anytime.”

Did I help her today?  Did I make a difference?


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