Dear God

Dear God: Today I am feeling lonely. I know you are with me. Your love surrounds me at all times. Your holy spirit dwells in me. But God, sometimes I just need a human touch, a friendly face, someone that will really listen to me. Things just build up inside me and I need to find a physical release. Today is one of those days.

People think I am strong. People think that I’ve got it all together. People think I’ve got the world by the tail. But you know the truth Lord. I’m often confused, frustrated and lonely.

Dear God, the hardest thing is when my family doesn’t acknowledge me the way I need to be acknowledged. At times it feels like my kids are barely aware that I exist. And my husband is too wrapped up in his work or personal life to give me more than a peck on the cheek. If I try to express my feelings, they will say I’m over reacting, or I’m being selfish. How can the physical and emotional needs of human interaction be selfish or an over reaction? Is it possible that they don’t want to look into their own mirrors?

Please give me strength Lord. Help me to carry on. Please send me someone that can help me carry my emotional and physical burdens.

Thank you Lord.

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