Dear God

Dear God

Today I decided to buy my favorite treat, a salted pretzel with mustard.  I know I don’t need the extra calories, but that salty dough was just calling my name.  As I paid the bill, I said “Thank you Steve” to the clerk serving me.  He is an middle aged gentleman that I’ve noticed before.  He works really hard at such a menial job and always has a smile for everyone.  Today when I called him by name, his brown eyes jumped up and met mine.  His smile widened as he lifted up his head and squared his shoulders.

I wondered, does he feel invisible?  Does anyone acknowledge him for the hard work that he does?  Does he feel like nobody cares?

I wonder, did I make his day today?  Did I help him to feel that somebody cares about him?  One simple act – acknowledging his name.  Does it make a difference?  Did I make a difference today?

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